Learn About What You’re Putting into Your Body

Advances in understanding human nutrition have presented consumers with more options for maintaining their health and wellness. As consumers choose to use supplements to ensure they are getting the right levels and mix of essential and conditionally essential amino acids, many do not understand how they are made, and how their choices impact their value systems.

At the most basic level, we recommend that ingredient-conscious consumers look for specific sourcing information for the amino acids contained in their supplements. For example, most do not disclose whether they are plant or animal based, much less the source of the nutrient (i.e. corn, sugar, feathers, hair, hooves, etc.). Brands that are looking to reach consumers who lean toward plant-based, vegan or vegetarian diets and lifestyles will be motivated to disclose that their products are derived from plants, and those that are pure vegan and/or organic/non-GMO will most likely reflect those certifications on their packaging. While some labels identify the source for some of the ingredients, it is more difficult to discern how natural their production methods are. It is likely that most brands will answer questions about sourcing and production practices if they are asked.

AminoFacts is dedicated to asking questions of manufacturers and answering consumers’ questions about amino acid supplements, including sharing information about how they’re sourced and produced.

Our panel of academic and industry experts will be continuously sharing, expanding and updating information on sources, manufacturing techniques and their impacts on dietary, sustainability and other consumer lifestyle preferences. Additionally, we are asking manufacturers to self-certify around sourcing and production methods. We are actively contacting manufacturers to participate in our program and encourage curious consumers to contact us about the brands they use.