Decoding Labels

The AminoFacts Rating System

AminoFacts has devised a Five-Leaf System to help consumers better understand the sourcing and manufacturing practices for amino acid supplement products sold in the United States. Our goal is to inform consumers about which products are sourced from animals.

One leaf represents the least animal-friendly products, and five leaves represent the most plant-friendly products.  We score on the following key factors:

    • Sourcing – We’re friends of animals and the earth, so animal sourced products get fewer leaves than plant sourced products.
      Animal Treatment – The more a company conforms with the highest standards of the Whole Foods Five step system, the more leaves they get!
      Label Transparency – The more the label shares information on how the supplements are made and sourced, the better. We also confirm that claims are verifiable from leading US certifying bodies, the better.
      Manufacturing Processes – In essence, the more natural and chemical-free, the better.
      Certifications  Includes products that are certified non-GMO and/or certified vegan by a recognized authority, such as the NSF Non GMO Project, and The Vegan Society.
      Lab TestingWhen food grade ingredients come from natural sources like plants and animals, purification and testing are critically important. For example, the ingredients retain what the source ingests – from pesticides to heavy metals and more. We rate brands by their compliance with US standards through cGMP.


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Please note that we have given neutral scores to brands we are waiting to hear back from!

The views, information, or opinions expressed by AminoFacts are solely those of AminoFacts and do not necessarily represent those of sponsoring or affiliate entities. The primary purpose of the rating system is to educate and inform the public. The ratings are based on the information obtained through the reviewed brands’ labels, websites and customer-facing representatives. AminoFacts welcomes feedback and factual data that can be applied to our scoring system to make it more accurate and informative.