Garden of Life MyKind Organic Plant Collagen Builder

My Kind Collagen
My Kind Collagen

Garden of Life MyKind Organic Plant Collagen Builder

  • Sourcing – Plants; note that this product is differentiated in that it is “Whole Food” sourced, using raw ingredients that have not been processed.
  • Label Transparency – Contains relevant information laid out with easy-to-understand text and symbols.
  • Manufacturing Process – Blended plant powders from drying, physical separation, and grinding to powder.
  • Lab Testing – All incoming raw material and finished products tested with each delivery or batch respectively as is best practice.
  • Certifications and Practices
    • This product is 100% vegan as they use clean Tablet Technology that avoids animal products like gelatin; they use only organic gum Arabic and organic brown rice extract to form their tablets.
    • Non-GMO and claims to source from suppliers that support organic and regenerative farming practices and labelled as Certified Organic Whole Food.