Swanson Free-Form Lysine

Swanson Free-form Lysine
Swanson Free-form Lysine

Swanson Free-form Lysine

  • Sourcing – Varied. The company’s customer service representative did not have access to information as to whether this product is plant- or animal-based. In fact, the brand’s animal vs. plant sourcing practices appear to vary – the representative claimed that the powder is either vegetarian, free-range or grass-fed (which would apply to animal sourcing), and the capsules are made from gelatin which could be sourced from beef or pork. In addition, the product uses animal sourced gelatin for its capsules.
  • Label Transparency – The label does not contain critical information on sourcing.
  • Manufacturing Process – Varied. Most likely Hydrolysis.
  • Lab Testing – the company uses third-party sources to test for quality but does not seem to test by delivery or batch, which is best practice.
  • Certifications – Non-GMO.
    NOTE: The label claims that it is preservative-free, which is true of all low-moisture sealed pre-packaged supplements.