Vital Proteins Original Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins
Vital Proteins
  • Sourcing – Animal, usually bovine hide
  • Animal Treatment – Grass-fed and pasture raised, it is not clear whether the brand conforms to higher levels of humane animal treatment.
  • Label Transparency – Contains relevant information laid out with easy-to-understand text and symbols.
  • Manufacturing Processes – This product is hydrolyzed, meaning it was probably manufactured using chemicals that can be harsh on the environment
    NOTE: the call center representative claimed that the company’s hydrolysis process used a method that did not require chemicals; we have not been able to verify the validity of this statement and have scored it as we score Hydrolysis for other brands.
  • Lab Testing – The manufacturer claims that its ingredients are tested for traces of materials such as chemicals and pesticides.
  • Certifications – Unknown. Await confirmation from the manufacturer. No response results in a score of “zero”. Updates to the rating will be made upon receipt of certification information.