Plant Collagen

Your Super.Com Plant Collagen
Your Super.Com Plant Collagen

Your Super.Com Plant Collagen

  • Sourcing – Plant (Rice bran, Pea protein, mushroom, lucama and aloe powders).
  • Label Transparency
    • This product calls itself “Plant Collagen.” There is no such thing as plant collagen. It might be more appropriate to label it as a “Collagen builder,” “Collagen enhancer” or something that implies that it is not collagen, but rather that it helps the body build collagen.
    • Call center contact advises recent changes to marketing for product which is now referred to as Plant Collagen Support
    • The label does not identify what the “Organic Superfood Mix” is – it is positioned as the “ultimate skin food,” yet the label does not provide any rationale for this claim.
    • The blend doesn’t identify any specific amino acids, yet they are most likely within the “superfood” blend.
  • Manufacturing Process – Blended plant powders from drying, physical separation, and grinding to powder.
  • Lab Testing – All incoming raw material and finished products tested with each delivery or batch respectively as is best practice.
  • Certifications
    • This company is a certified B Business, meaning it balances purpose and profit. This certification means that the company meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.
    • Organic/Non-GMO and Vegan (100% plant hence would qualify for Vegan, but symbol is not that of certifying authority and therefore not scored)